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Elevating Your Property's Cleanliness and Guest Experience

At Ocean Cleaning, we're committed to enhancing the cleanliness and appeal of your property, ensuring exceptional experiences for your guests and tenants. Our tailored services are designed to meet the unique needs of your property, providing you with peace of mind and your guests with unmatched comfort.

Same Day Departure Cleans

Ocean Cleaning offers a Same Day Departure Clean service designed for the fast-paced vacation rental market. This service promptly prepares your property for new guests by including fresh linens and necessary amenities, aiming to keep your rental clean, stocked, and welcoming. Integrating our service can streamline the check-in process, maintaining high-quality standards. While we focus on delivering a clean and inviting space, our attention to detail can help in securing 5-star cleaning reviews from your guests, enhancing their overall experience. Rely on Ocean Cleaning for a well-prepared property that meets your guests' needs.

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Move Out Cleans

Our Move Out Clean service at Ocean Cleaning is designed to ease the transition between tenants, ensuring your property is in pristine condition for its new occupants. This thorough service includes a detailed cleaning of every area of your home, focusing on creating a welcoming and clean environment.

Some of What We Cover:

  • Kitchen: We start at the top, dusting cabinets before moving on to deep clean inside and out. Countertops are washed and sanitized, appliances cleaned inside and out, and sinks are left sparkling.

  • Bathrooms: Every cabinet, sink, and toilet is cleaned and sanitized. We wash tub and shower walls, and scrub the floors and bathtubs to restore shine and cleanliness.

  • All Indoor Areas: Our team removes cobwebs, dusts and vacuums vent covers, and cleans ceiling fans. We ensure all interior windows, sills, and ledges are wiped down, with floors vacuumed and mopped throughout.

  • General Cleaning: Includes bed making, dusting, patio cleaning, and overall floor care.

  • Kitchen & Bathrooms: Detailed attention is given to the dishwasher, fridge, stove, and cabinet care, along with bathroom dusting and mirror cleaning.

Remodeling Cleans

After renovation, your property may be covered in dust and debris, making the next steps seem daunting. Our Remodeling Clean service is here to tackle this challenge head-on. We meticulously clear away all remnants of remodeling, ensuring every surface is polished and the entire space is sanitized. Our goal is to make your property not only look its best but also be hygienically clean and ready for immediate occupancy. We pay special attention to remodeling dust, employing thorough vacuuming and mopping techniques to capture even the most persistent particles. Recognizing the complexity of post-remodeling cleaning, we're prepared to perform multiple rounds if necessary to achieve a dust-free environment. Let us handle the tough clean-up, preparing your space to welcome its occupants with comfort and safety.

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Deep Cleans

Our Deep Clean service at Ocean Cleaning goes well beyond routine tidying up, targeting those areas often missed during regular cleaning to bring an unmatched level of cleanliness and freshness to your property. It's a comprehensive approach designed to prepare your home thoroughly for new occupants, ensuring every corner reflects our high standards of cleanliness and hospitality.

Key Features of Our Deep Clean:

  • Kitchen & Bathrooms: We perform top-to-bottom cleaning, including dusting the tops of cabinets, sanitizing countertops and sinks, and cleaning appliances inside and out. Bathrooms receive detailed attention, with everything from the cabinets to toilets, tubs, and shower walls thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

  • All Indoor Areas: Our service includes removing cobwebs, dusting and vacuuming vent covers, wiping down light fixtures, door frames, interior doors, and window sills. Floors across every room are vacuumed and mopped, ensuring a dust-free environment.

  • Special Attention Areas: We clean sliding glass doors inside and out, including vacuuming and wiping tracks, and ensure all light switches, electrical outlet covers, and closet shelving are wiped clean.

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Lobby and Common Area Cleaning

The entrance and communal areas of your condos or business premises play a key role in forming initial impressions. Ocean Cleaning’s Lobby and Common Area Cleaning service focuses on maintaining these spaces to ensure they are clean and inviting. By regularly tending to high-traffic areas and thoroughly cleaning all communal facilities, we aim to keep every corner tidy and welcoming. Our service is designed to support the cleanliness and appeal of your property’s shared spaces.

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Linens and Amenities Only Service

For property owners who manage cleaning independently but seek to elevate their guests' comfort and satisfaction, our Linens and Amenities Only Service offers a seamless solution.

This service efficiently provides your property with essential supplies, including fresh towels, sheets, and a curated selection of amenities, ensuring a warm and inviting stay for every guest.

Following guest departures, we promptly collect used items, replenishing your supplies without the need for comprehensive cleaning services. This option is ideal for those desiring to maintain high guest satisfaction with minimal effort.

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